17-component Florida Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Standard. 1 mL. Contains:(all 17 even alkane mixture components at 500 µg/mL) n-Octane (C8), n-Decane (C10), n-Dodecane (C12), n-Tetradecane (C14), n-Hexadecane (C16), n-Octadecane (C18), n-Eicosane (C20), n-Docosane (C22), n-Tetracosane (C24), n- Hexacosane (C26), n-Octacosane (C28), n-Triacontane (C30), n-Dotriacontane (C

Pictures shown are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the actual product in shape, colour and design
Product no.:FTPH-M17C-A1
Manufacturer:High Purity Standards
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Technical Data

Property Value
Pack size 1 mL

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