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...for taking samples from liquid, powder or granulate bulk materials - for example for QC

Whether you're in the pharma, food or beverage industry or, for that matter, involved in any other industry where there is a requirement to take samples, the choice of the right sampling equipment is paramount. We offer a broad range of products for both liquid and powder samples. Maybe you need a simple one-off sample from a sack, or perhaps simultaneous samples from different depths of a large container? No problem, we have samplers for both. If you're working with fluids and need a sample from the bottom of a deep drum, again, no problem. Many items are available as sterile and many are GMP conform. Should you not find the exact product you're looking for, please ask us - we're here to help you.

for liquids

Liqui-Thief, tubs, jumbo pipettes, sampling and volumetric spoons, cup and bottle samplers etc.

for granules and powders

...PharmaScoop, spatulas, multi-level samplers, sack samplers, tubs and scoops


...Cleaning brushes and stirring paddles


...with or without text. Customised labels no problem - please contact us for details

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