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Clearance sale !

Clearance sale !

Please note:

  • For sale to business people and public entities only.
  • Please DON'T inquire about single items or small quantities - these should be purchased via a normal order. The clearance sale is intended for purchasing complete lots.
  • Available quantities: the total quantities on stock are not shown here, as all items are still available for normal purchase. Please check with us on what's available.
  • Logistics: we can arrange for transport within Germany and the European Union AT YOUR EXPENSE. Alternatively, you can collect the goods from our Berlin facility.

Please contact us for further information mentioning our Ref. Nr. in your mail.


Omnifit glass columns: (Ref. 105036)

  • Around 60 positions with a total of more than 100 items are on offer. All the products are brand new and originally packed. The glasses, end pieces and accessories are from older product lines and are likely to be of most interest to universities or schools.

Laboratory glass: (Ref. 102938)

  • Beakers, low form, 12 different sizes
  • ISO bottles, 11 different sizes - 10 transparent, 1 amber
  • Erlenmeyer flasks, 18 types - 6 sizes with ground joints, 4 sizes with screw caps, 8 sizes without ground joints
  • Round-bottomed flasks, 10 types - 6 sizes with short neck and ground joints, 4 sizes without ground joints
  • Flat-bottomed flasks, 11 types - 7 sizes with short neck and ground joints, 4 sizes without ground joints
  • Measuring cylinders, class A - 9 sizes
  • Measuring (graduated) pipettes, ISO 835 conform, 8 sizes
  • Volumetric pipettes, ISO 648 conform, 8 sizes
  • Separating funnel, 5 sizes
  • Vacuum filtration system, 1000ml
  • Vacuum filtration flasks, 4 sizes

Laboratory plastic items: (Ref. 102939)

  • Beakers, PP, 8 sizes
  • Jugs, PP, 6 sizes
  • Measuring cylinders, PP, 7 sizes

Pipette tips: (Ref. 102940)

  • 7 part numbers - from 10µl to 1000µl, some racked, some loose. Nonsterile.