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PDF quotation

PDF quotation

PDF quotation

You can create and automatically download PDF quotations online.


AN IMPORTANT PIECE OF INFORMATION IN ADVANCE: the prices shown in these quotations will only be applied to orders placed in Lab-Club! If for any reason you cannot, or simply don't want to order online, please contact us for a quotation for offline purchases. Thanks.


As quotations only make sense if they show a company or institute name and address, this feature is only available to registered users. If you're already registered, please log in - your exisiting customer details will be applied to the quotation. If you haven't yet registered you'll be requested to do so by the shop.


  • Products without a price cannot be included in quotations - they are displayed with the link "Request Price".
  • On the detail page of every item with a price you'll see the link "Add product to quotation". Please click on it.
  • Go to "My account" and then to "Manage quotations". There you can either add a "New quotation" - please firstly give it a name - or add the product to an exisiting quotation.
  • Click on a quotation name in your list - the items and quantities in the quotation will be displayed. Here you can either change and save the quantities of individual products, remove individual products from the quotation or add them to the shopping cart or you can convert the quotation to an order by clicking on the link or the shopping cart symbol.
  • Alternatively, click on "Save this list as a PDF quotation". The PDF quotation is automatically generated and displayed on your screen (usually a message pops up in the bottom left hand corner) and will also be saved to your list of quotations.


Please note that online quotations are snapshots and are for your personal information only! If quotations are converted to orders, the prices valid in Lab-Club at the time of ordering will be used. This is particularly important for our customers purchasing in a currency other than Euro. Our Euro pricing tends to remain fairly stable, but the exchange rates vary almost daily. Lab-Club is automatically updated every day at midnight German time using the exchange ranges from the German Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse).

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