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Delivery times - general information

Delivery times - general information

On stock items


Orders for products that we have on stock will be dispatched as follows:


Our working week is from Monday to Friday and we are closed on all German public holidays. UPS picks up from our facility daily from Monday to Friday.


If you have chosen to pay by PayPal, credit card or if we accept your order on invoice payable within 30 days, the goods will be shipped either the same day or the next working day depending on the time we received your order and confirmation of the transaction from PayPal or our credit card acquirer (credit card payments). If you have chosen to make prepayment by bank wire-transfer, we will ship either on or the day after receipt of your payment, depending on the time we receive notification from our bank.


Exception: If, for example, you order 10 pieces of item X and we have just 9 on stock, we will advise you and ask what you would like to do - reduce the total quantity ordered, wait until the missing item is available, or whether you prefer a partial delivery.


Out of stock items


Our large range of products, their various sources - Europe, Asia, USA - and variables such as inbound transit times by courier, airfreight and sea freight, outbound customs procedures in the country of origin and on import into Europe all contribute to precluding 100% reliable delivery information.


Of course, if the manufacturer has the item on stock or in production, we will get it faster than if they have to manufacture it - which could possibly be at a later date due to their production cycles.


Thus, the information shown here is, at best, just a rough guide. We kindly request that you contact us for more accurate delivery information on specific products. All items that are out of stock display a link "out of stock, request delivery time" when you click on them.


Based on past experience, these are approximate delivery times for out-of -stock products based on the date of your order or in the case of prepayment by bank wire-transfer, from the date of receipt of your payment:


  • Filtration: 2 - 6 weeks
  • Glass columns: 2 - 6 weeks
  • ICP spares and accessories: 1 - 4 weeks
  • IR-spectroscopy: 2 weeks
  • Laboratory instruments: 2 - 4 weeks
  • Agate mortars and Al²O² products: 6 weeks
  • Lamps: 3 days to 4 weeks or longer depending on type and quantity
  • Diba/Omnifit fittings etc.: 2 - 6 weeks
  • BioChem Fluidics products: 1 - 4 weeks
  • Laboratory dies: 1 - 3 weeks
  • Reference standards: available to our customers in Germany and some EU member states - 3 - 4 weeks as we provide fresh products only
  • Syringe filters: 1 - 3 weeks
  • UV/Vis/IR cuvettes: 1 - 4 weeks