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Product range

No one can do everything but everyone can do something - true to this motto, our product portfolio is narrow but deep. We have in-depth product knowledge and are happy to advise you. If we can't answer your questions immediately, we'll make every effort to get the information as fast as possible - and we'll keep you informed on our progress. 

Laboratory instruments: A direct comparison of instruments from different manufacturers is virtually impossible. Almost every instrument has (or is missing) at least one characteristic that the others don't (or do) have. Where possible, we offer products from manufacturers who have no additional representation in the particular market. In this way, we can offer instruments with functions that aren't readily available elsewhere.


Liquid-Management: From Bio-Chem Fluidics and DIba Industries (formerly Omnifit) we offer a wide range of products for constructing safe paths for small quantities of liquids. From micropumps, manual valves, solenoid valves, tubing, fittings and connectors through to bottle caps for safe solvent handling and glass chromatography columns.


Spare parts: Few instrument manufacturers make everything themselves. Most purchase parts or assemblies from other companies. Some of these items are only available from the instrument manufacturer. In such cases we offer high-quality alternatives from other manufacturers and can assure our customers that the quality of our products is at least as good as that of the original but generally less expensive.


Other items are freely available, but the instrument manufacturers go to great lengths to keep their origin secret. This may be by just using different part numbers, but can extend even to software-generated warnings advising the customer not to install the product. Our search function enables you to find the instrument manufacturer's part number and identify the original article.


Lamps for a broad range of scientific instruments form our largest group of spare parts.


Consumables: For example syringe filters  - in this area, both quality and price are important. We take care of the pricing, but we prefer to leave the quality aspect to others - our customers. Before introducing a new product into our sales programme, we distribute substantial quantities of samples to existing customers already working with similar items. They are ideally situated to make a comparison and their assessment is honest and neutral.