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General Terms and Conditions of Registration

General Terms and Conditions of Registration

General Terms and Conditions of Registration in Lab-Club


§ 1 Object of the Contract

(1) These General Terms and Conditions of Registration (hereinafter TCR) apply to your membership in Lab-Club, an offering of msscientific Chromatographie-Handel GmbH, Gneisenaustrasse 66/67,10961 Berlin, Germany (hereinafter: VENDOR).

(2) The VENDOR provides an eBusiness platform at (hereinafter: LC) serving only traders, business people as defined by the German Code of Commercial Law and legal entities under public law (hereinafter: USER).

LC offers various functions such as rental of certain laboratory instruments, a platform for Instrument Service ads and Lab-Club® Premium Membership.


The Basic Membership is free-of-charge and includes utilsation of the following functions:

  • placing orders
  • may subscribe to newsletters

The Lab-Club® Premium Member Account is a fee-based membership and includes utilisation of the following functions:

  • all the functions included in the Basic Membership

in addition:

  • discounts

(3) This contract is subject to the TCR version prevailing at the time of conclusion.

(4) We do not recognise USERs contravening or deviating conditions. This applies also if we do not expressly reject them.


§ 2 Conclusion of Contract

(1) The contract on usage of LC is concluded by the USERs registration on the internet site. Participation is restricted solely to business and commercial users and to legal entities under public law. Thereby the USER enters his data in the online form provided by the VENDOR and chooses either Basic Membership or the Premium Member Account. On completion of data entry the USER can check and, if necessary, correct his data.

(2) Upon the VENDOR's request, the USER must provide the VENDOR with proof of his business or professional activity by submission of legal registration, the VAT number or other suitable documentation..


§ 3 Prices, Period of Validity

(1) Usage of the Basic Membership is free-of-charge.

(2) The USER can view the current price and advantages of the Lab-Club® Premium Member Account  on the "Lab-Club® Premium" page.

(3) The USER applies to the VENDOR for Lab-Club® Premium Membership. The annual fee is invoiced to the USER and is payable in advance. Membership begins with the receipt of the annual fee by the VENDOR.

(4) A Lab-Club® Premium Account has a period of validity of one year.

(5) All prices quoted are subject to VAT.


§ 4 Termination

(1) The USER can terminate his Basic Membership by email to be sent to the VENDOR at the email address shown in the imprint. The VENDOR will then promptly deactivate the account.

(2) A Lab-Club® Premium Member Account does not need to be terminated by the USER. It is valid for one year after receipt of the annual fee and expires automatically if not extended or renewed. The account is then automatically changed to Basic Membership.


§ 5 Regulations for Registered Users

(1) The data entered by the USER during registration must be true, complete and correct. The USER makes any necessary changes to the data himself and uses the online account administration to ensure that the data remain current. The entered data are stored by the VENDOR until the USER ends his membership.

(2) The USER is responsible for the safety of his access to LC. This responsbility includes the choice of an adequately safe password and maintaining the confidentiality of the password. If the USER becomes aware of misuse of his account, he is obliged to immediately change his password and to immediately inform the VENDOR about the misuse.

(3) Insertion of Instrument Service advertisements on LC is subject to the current version of the subsidiary General Terms and Conditions for Instrument Service Ads.

(4) Rental of laboratory equipment on LC is subject to the current version of the subsidiary General Terms and Conditions of Rental.


§ 6 Right of Withdrawal

Our offer is directed exclusively at commercial users. There is therefore no right of withdrawal.


§ 7 Liability

The VENDOR shall be liable to the USER in the event of intent and gross negligence. Furthermore the VENDOR shall be liable for grossly negligent breach of obligations whose performance enables the proper completion of a contract in the first place and on whose compliance the USER can regularly rely. In the last-mentioned case the VENDOR shall be liable only for forseeable damage of a contractually typical kind. The VENDOR shall not be liable for damages caused by a slightly negligent breach of obligations other than the ones stated in the preceding sentences. The preceding exclusions of liability shall not apply in cases of injury to life, body or health. Liability according to the law relating to product liability shall remain unaffected.


§ 8 Copyright Law

The VENDOR has usage rights for all pictures, films and texts that he publishes on the internet site. Any use of the pictures, films or texts without consent of the VENDOR is not permitted.

§ 9 Contract Language

Contract language is German. This contract text was originally written in German. The VENDOR provides this English translation for informational purposes. In the event of discrepancies between the German version and the translation, the German version shall take precedence.


§ 10 Contract Text

This contract text is stored by the VENDOR and is available in the current version on the website under the menu item "General Terms and Conditions of Registration". It is recommended that the contract text is saved at conclusion of contract.


§ 11 Final Clauses

(1) If you are a business person the place of performance and the place of jurisdiction for any claims arising from this contract is Berlin.

(2) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.