Hollow cathode lamp, Ag, 50mm / 2", PE AAnalyst coded, Heraeus type 5QA/Ag-A

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Product no.:80088944
Manufacturer:Heraeus Noblelight
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  • Cathodeon
    •  5UA/Ag-A
  • Heraeus Noblelight
    •  80014583 (old part no.)
  • Perkin Elmer
    •  N3050102

Technical Data

Property Value
Diameter 2" / 50 mm
Element(s) Ag
Coded yes - PE AAnalyst

The following alternate products are available

Hollow cathode lamp, Ag, 50mm/2" for AAnalyst™ instruments. Quartz window. Fill gas Ne. Lifetime 5000 mA/h
Product no.: LC-HCL-50-AG
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