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Deuterium lamps

Deuterium lamps

Prealigned deuterium lamps for HPLC detectors, photometers etc., also high-intensity and UV/VUV lamps

Deuterium lamps exhibit an almost continuous light spectrum ranging from UV (185 to 400 nm) up to the visible range (400 to 800 nm). They are commonly used as a UV source in analytical equipment such as HPLC detectors and UV/Vis spectrometers.


Replacement deuterium lamps

Huge assortment with useful information to help you choose the right deuterium lamp


FiberLight, of particular interest for integration into systems and for online process analytics

High-power and VUV light sources

110W and 150W deuterium lamp systems for the range 400 nm down to 115 nm (VUV models).

Power supply units

OEM units for various voltages and a bench-top unit