Liquid stray light cut-off filter, potassium iodide, 260nm

Stray light is defined as light that is detected by the spectrophotometer but does not belong to the given bandwidth of the sample being measured. It often results from light scattering, diffraction or instrument errors and can result in a variety of distortions and errors in analysis.


In order to measure stray light, standards are needed that absorb all light of the wavelength at which the measurement is to be performed and then cut off at a specified wavelength.


Delivery includes:

  • Potassium Iodide standard
  • Ultra-pure water blank
  • Instructions for use
  • Calibration certificate with NIST traceability

Please note that this liquid filter requires annual recalibration in accordance with NIST. If your lab's regulation DON'T demand this recalibration, we recommend using our FF-FUV series solid state standards - with just one filter you can check the photometric accuracy and the stray light performance of your instrument at any point of the entire 200-700nm range.

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Product no.:FF-UV-CUT-OFF-260-NM
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