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Solid state calibration standards

The FireflySci calibration standards are certified by the ISO-9001, ISO-17025 and ISO Guide 34 accredited National Research Council of Canada’s Metrology Laboratory.


As far as we are aware, FireflySci is the only manufacturer offering certain types of standards. These are:


  • Combined standard for UV/VIS wavelength and UV photometric accuracy (FF-WAV-7-UV/VIS)
  • Combined standards for UV/VIS photometric accuracy and stray light performance (FF-FUV Dual Series)
  • Solid-state standard for VIS/NIR wavelength accuracy (FF-WAV-8-NIR)
  • Standards for continual UV/VIS/NIR photometric accuracy from 200 to 3000 nm (FF-SPB Series)


The metal-on-quartz (nano-deposition technology) standards work with all spectrophotometers, regardless of the optics.




A long-term study of the FF-FUV Series products by the above-mentioned NRC laboratory confirmed that, after nearly 10 years of serial production, not one of the standards went off the manufacturer’s specification.


There is no need to have FireflySci standards recalibrated due to age. If, however, recalibration is a requirement in your lab, the FireflySci ISO-17025 certified calibration lab can, of course, provide this service.