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Aluminium oxide products

Our aluminium oxide laboratory products have a purity of 99.7% and offer excellent plasma and wear resistance. Aluminium oxide is highly refractory and suitable for use in reducing and oxidizing environments. It's inert in hydrogeneous and carbonaceous atmospheres and offers high resistance to alkalis and fluxes, making it suitable for glass melting, including borosilicate glass.


Al2O3 is recommended for use when working with refractory metals such as molybdenum, platinum, rhodium, tungsten, tantalum and iridium, making it especially useful to chemists and metallurgists involved in high-temperature work demanding contamination-free results.


The temperature change rate for these products should not exceed 150 °C/h.

Chemical analysis in %: Al2O3 99.8 (99.7), SiO2 0.015 (0.05), MgO 0.04 (0.08), Na2O 0.03 (0.03), Fe2O3 0.015 (0.015) CaO 0.01 (0.03)


Physical properties:

  • Density of 99.7% Al2O3: 3.922 g/cm³
  • Maximum temperature of use without load: 1,750 °C
  • Colour: ivory
  • Flexural strength (MOR): 493.4 MPa
  • Moh's Hardness: +9
  • Rockwell Hardness: 84