Deuterium lamp for Waters Acquity instruments. Hamamatsu lamp, prealignment by ISO-certified specialist company

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Product no.:LC-D22K-WAT-03
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The replacement parts and accessories offered by us are third-party manufacturer products that are suitable for replacing the original parts designated by the original instrument manufacturers OEM number.

  • suitable for manufacturer / instrument:their order number:
  • Waters
    • 2489 Dual Wavelength UV detector  201000186 (old number)
    • 2489 Dual Wavelength UV detector  201000281
    • 2998 PAD  201000186 (old number)
    • 2998 PAD  201000281
    • Acquity eLambda PDA  201000186 (old number)
    • Acquity eLambda PDA  201000281
    • Acquity UPLC PDA  201000186 (old number)
    • Acquity UPLC PDA  201000281
    • Acquity UPLC TUV detectors  201000186 (old number)
    • Acquity UPLC TUV detectors  201000281
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