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FiberLight, of particular interest for integration into systems and for online process analytics

...FiberLight® Basic's small dimensions (157 x 55 x 37 mm) make the product extremely attractive for integration into instruments or systems and for online process analysis. If even less space is available, we recommend FiberLight® Compact, measuring just 123 x 36 x 38 mm. Both types have 6W power consumption, whereas the FiberLight® HighPower module has 12W. The electrodeless RF-induced deuterium lamp, coupled with a tungsten lamp, allows coverage of the spectral range 200 (optional 185) - 1100 nm. The beam is either focussed (SMA 905) or collimated (quasi parallel).

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FiberLight® L3 - based on a single LED, continuous spectrum 250-490nm
Product no.: 80158546
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