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Product range

Liquid-Management: From Bio-Chem Fluidics and DIba Industries (formerly Omnifit) we offer a wide range of products for constructing safe flow paths for liquids in laboratories and instruments. From micropumps, manual valves, pinch, isolation and mixing valves, tubing, fittings and connectors through to bottle caps for safe solvent handling and glass columns for low-pressure chromatography.


IR spectroscopy: Laboratory presses from 5 to 25 tons and dies for making KBr pellets, XRF briquettes and pellets from other materials. A huge range of IR windows in all common materials, plus gas, demountable and sealed cells .


Lamps: whether for HPLC detectors, microscopes or endoscopes, our broad range of deuterium, tungsten-halogen, xenon, mercury, PID and hollow cathode lamps  includes the right lamp for almost all scientific instruments.


Filtration: we offer the Advantec laboratory filtration products. The range extends from holders, filter papers, membrane filters, capsule filters, quartz and PTFE fiber filters through to extraction thimbles and ultra filtration units .


For thermal processes up to 1750 °C we stock a wide variety of aluminium oxide  items and, for the corresponding sample preparation, mortars and pestles in aluminium oxide  and in extremely high-quality agate.


UV/Vis/NIR cuvettes: with more than 1,700 available cells, our range includes products for absorption and fluorescence measurements and also for a wide variety of other methods. This product group is rounded off by an assortment of solid-state calibration standards .


Reference standards and chemicals in small quantities: our range includes more than 12,000 products from the renowned manufacturers High Purity Standards (HPS) and ChemService.


Consumables: For example syringe filters - in this area, both quality and price are important. We take care of the pricing, but we prefer to leave the quality aspect to others - our customers. Before introducing a new product into our sales programme, we distribute substantial quantities of samples to existing customers already working with similar items. They are ideally situated to make a comparison and their assessment is honest and neutral.